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Buyer / Planner

by KHouseman on April 29, 2013

Kelly Services is actively seeking a Buyer / Planner. This is an exciting contract opportunity working for Kelly for a client based in Port Huron, MI. I have pasted the job description below for your review, or you may use the following link. If you are currently working with a Kelly Recruiter, we welcome any referrals you may have.

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-The Shared Services Sourcing Center (SSSC)

Opportunity in Port Huron, MI

Kelly Engineering Resources

Make your move.

Every day, Kelly Engineering Resources (KER) connects engineering professionals with opportunities to advance their careers. We currently have an exciting contract opportunity for a Buyer/Planner in Port Huron, MI.

Responsibilities and growth prospects for the Buyer / Planner include:

Responsible for determination of requirements for assigned materials based on customer authorization, production schedules, divisional and departmental policy for pre-production materials, production materials, and service materials only.

Release material requirements and scheduled ship dates to approved vendors to insure timely delivery, giving consideration to minimum run quantities, economic order quantities, and lead times, for production materials and service materials.

Contact and expedite vendors to insure timely delivery, adjust schedules as necessary, and adjust reorder points as conditions change for pre-production materials, production materials, and service materials.

Responsible for the tracing of inbound shipments as necessary for pre-production materials, production materials and service materials.

Responsible for utilizing the most efficient and economical method of shipment and to request permission to deviate from normal method of shipment when material is needed to protect pre-production requirements.

Assist in the disposition of obsolete and on claim materials, and for issuing obsolete and/or potential obsolete parts listings.

Responsible for preparing raw materials and purchased parts status reports as required or directed. Assist with special and general inventories.

Promote and participate in plant housekeeping, cost savings and Affirmative Action suppliers.

Responsible for accomplishing the inventory plan of 50 turns for their area.

Assist in setting up and responsible for execution of daily material flow plan a place for everything in accordance with the on hand quantities of raw, work in process, and finished goods in the inventory plan.

Assist with returnable packaging plan and responsible for its implementation.

Assist with setting up milk-run truck routes.

Be responsible for accuracy of the perpetual inventory records in their area.

Follow procedures for QS9000.

Make recommendations for improvements.

Maintain QS system. Reconciliation of raw materials received, inventory, O/H with produced scrap.

Keep CUMS in areas of responsibility on finished goods and raw goods

Make customer OT, holiday, and vacation schedules

Keep pertinent supplier data: Supplier contacts including plant, quality control and materials managers, number of shifts working, hours of operation, shipping hours of operation, monthly and YTD amounts, and primary carriers, routings, cost and frequency as a minimum.

Maintain corrective action reports on suppliers who fail to perform in required areas of delivery, quantity ordered and price initiative performance.

Assist in the documentation of and process customer and supplier cancellations resulting in obsolescence. 100 customer delivery performance or the maintenance of corrective action reports necessary to achieve 100 on time delivery.

Maintain and update pull models and pull system concepts on a daily/weekly basis. Also, assist in the set-up process for these concepts for new parts and suppliers.

Provide sales forecast data on a monthly basis to finance when required. Communicate any major fluctuations to management in a timely manner.

Create pick-slips for customer shipments when necessary.

Assist in the accurate scheduling of manufacturing as well as tool changes when applicable for both service and production requirements.

Education and experience required for the Buyer / Planner include:

3-5 years of experience in a similar role

Bachelors degree or equivalent experience

Must have computer skills

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