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Dr. Ken Woodside “Under-Minding” RE-CAP

by KHouseman on January 21, 2014
OLSorrows Career Ministry
from January 9th 2014
This past Thursday, (9Jan14) our presenter, Dr. Woodside reminded us that whoever we think we are, that is how people see us.  That is to say our thoughts govern our actions.  So, whether we’re “let go” or “laid off” or the target of “downsizing”, we tend to believe that we’re no longer “worthy” of our talents and skills.
He admonished us to “Think Different”.  Somebody out there needs a solution to a problem and ‘you’ are the answer to their problem.
Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, once said, “Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.”
Dr. Ken reminded us that his topic, “Under-minding” has to do with our tendency to
sabotage our career search.  If someone asks you what you’re doing – don’t reply with “I’m looking for a job.”  That sounds defeatist.  Reply instead with, “I’m looking for my next opportunity.”  Dr. Ken advised that looking for your next opportunity is more about developing a process.
Among other things, he told the group that the mind is the controlling factor in your career search. He reminded us that when a person looses a job, it’s much like the death of a family member.   What follows are the 4 stages of grief – denial, anger, Acceptance then Coping.  He advised that the sub-conscious mind works on the self-talk we dwell on.  It can be either positive or negative.  Maxwell Maltz said, “We become what we think about all day.”  Find out what your gifts are.  What do people complement you for?  When we concentrate on the positive – good things will happen.  You become what you keep telling yourself.  Thoughts, feelings and behaviors determine our attitude.
The idea is, “change your thinking, thoughts and feelings since they affect your behavior.  Read positive thinking books, articles.  Engage in positive self talk.  Surround yourself wit positive-thinking people.  Read scripture and take comfort in God’s promises.  Determine where it is you want to go.  Then write down your goals.  Review them consistently.  Engage yourself with people in conversation.  Listen to the first two questions an interviewer asks, then offer a solution based on your experience.  In other words, how can you help them solve their challenges?
Attitude is chosen.  Good thoughts bring good health.  We act on our attitude.
Ken reminds us that we’re constantly in marketing and sales regarding our self image.  He advises, “walk fast with purpose.  Find humor in life and laugh.  Be responsive to others and seek their opinions as well as give of your time to good causes”.
Dr. Ken offered these and many other helpful tips which can “undermine” your career search.
Thanks Dr. Ken.

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