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by KHouseman on October 4, 2013

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me regarding Kindred Spirits Senior Care caregiver job openings.  We are an in-home, non-medical home care company based in Northville, MI.  We are looking for caregivers to work in Oakland County and have several part time and full time available positions.  Please see below the Job Description.  The qualifications are simple: love others well, compassionate, dependable and kind hearted:) They will be trained on the rest!  Please feel free to visit our website to learn more about Kindred Spirits Senior care,

I appreciate you passing this along to the job seekers group.  If there are any questions, individuals can contact me directly.  All resumes/inquiries, can be emailed to or call me at 248-310-2981.

Stacey Tardich


Kindred Sprits Senior Care

Home Health Aide

Job Description


  • Maintain records of patient care, condition, progress, and problems in order to report and discuss observations with a supervisor.
  • Provide patients with help moving in and out of beds, baths, wheelchairs or automobiles, and with dressing and grooming.
  • Accompany clients to doctors’ offices and on other trips outside the home, providing transportation, assistance and companionship.
  • Change bed linens, wash and iron patients’ laundry, and clean patients’ quarters.
  • Entertain, converse with, or read aloud to patients to keep them mentally healthy and alert.
  • Perform a variety of duties as requested by client, such as obtaining household supplies and running errands.
  • Plan, purchase, prepare, and serve meals to patients and other family members, according to prescribed diets.
  • Provide patients and families with emotional support and instruction in areas such as preparing healthy meals, independent living, and adaptation to disability or illness.

Working Conditions

Hours vary depending on clients’ needs, especially those who need around-the-clock care. Kindred Spirits Home Health aide’s hours depend on the need of current client population. Work hours vary may vary. The opportunity for weekend, night and holiday work will be expected.

This job requires strength, both physically and emotionally. Work days consist of long hours on your feet and possible heavy lifting, as well as the emotional stress of working with the sick and elderly. Aides should take every measure to prevent the transmission of minor infections and major diseases, such as hepatitis.

Home health aides may go to the same patient’s home for months or even years, but most aides work with several different clients, sometimes on the same day. They generally work alone with periodic visits from their supervisor, so you need to be OK with working alone with the patient/client. Aides are given detailed instructions on how to care for each individual and are expected to follow them accordingly. Health aides will be responsible for getting to patients’ homes on their own and may spend much of their day travelling.

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