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by KHouseman on August 22, 2013

My company has an open position available for a Key Account Manager for the GM account responsible for developing sales within the GM Engineering and Powertrain organization. I have included the Job Description for distribution.
at this time, however, i need to keep the name of the organization confidential.
We are looking for someone with automotive sales account experience, preferably in electronics, with direct experience with GM. Anyone interested should contact me at no later than Friday, August 23, 2013. any correspondence received later than Friday, August 23, 2013 will not be considered.
Please feel free to contact me by phone should you have any questions. please do not forward without removing my contact phone number.
kind regards,
Maryanne Mitchell

Job Posting: 08/16/2013 – 08/23/2013
Send Resume with Cover letter and desired salary to:
I. Job Identification
Job Title: Key Account Manager, Electronics, GMPT
Department: Sales
Reports to: Director of Sales, North America
Supervises (direct): NA
II. Job Summary:
Responsible for management of sales and customer relationship to / with OEM
Responsible for developing sales within GMPT, targeting agreed upon products, technologies, and customers. Directly represent the organization at customer and supplier meetings, trade shows, and other automotive industry conventions.
III. Job Duties – Main Responsibilities:
  • Manage GMPT account [engine and transmission] – develop excellent working relationship with customer cross functional units, to enhance and expand business opportunities out of these relationships. Targets are identified and updated during regular meetings with sales group.
  • Responsible to initiate and manage / administrate RFQ activities to timely completion, customer disposition, and writing of project summary recap – maintaining [all] RFQ projects library of history is critical.
  • Develop and maintain marketing action plan files for targeted products and insure good sharing of information with the team – excellent presentation & communications skills.
  • Research [network] and monitor customer accounts, for automotive industry trends specific to technology development, and to identify potential “new product” opportunities.
  • Provide forecasts & competitive info.
  • Work with other departments, and in particular engineering, to help in the design, technology, product development and vendor strategy in order to maximize customer’s satisfaction and success of Purchase Order awards.
  • Assist / support actively, customer account “program management” on a worldwide basis.
  • Prepare or help prepare presentation to customers.
  • Organize sales meetings and other meetings with customer representative for other company representatives or managers.
  • Organize and personally support customer visits to company facility[s]
  • Support other personnel in the local sales office.
  • Act as an advisor to other company engineers regarding projects and customer expectations.
  • Support any other company subsidiary in North America.
IV. Contacts (Internal & External Customers):
  • (Internally) reports to the North America Director of Sales, with close working involvement & relationships with internal engineering and sales personnel globally.
  • (Internally) Individual will interface with management & all levels of personnel within the organization.
  • (Externally) Individual will interface with customers, vendor representatives and automotive industry organizations. This will include participation in customer audits and visits as requested.
  • (Externally) Individual will participate in face to face meetings with engineering and purchasing representatives from the customer.
V. Job Specifications (Education, Experience, Specific Skills):
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Extensive knowledge of procedures used in the automotive industry
  • Analytical skills are important
  • Previous experience, and success, as a commercial + technical “sales key contact” to global OEM’s – ability to handle several customers important
  • Able to develop and maintain contacts at all levels of the customer’ organization
  • Methodical, capable of analyzing technical problems and providing a concise written summary to management  — detailed oriented skills important
  • Prepared to spend some time away from home to travel to customer and vendor locations, industry events, on a global basis.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language is appreciated
  • Ability to grasp commercial situations – financial + accounting knowledge important
  • Ability to work without close supervision and in a matrix organization –  “self starter”
  • Proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office suite of software
VI. Accountabilities:
  • Provide weekly reports to Director of Sales, and immediately inform management of any customer or vendor-related developments.
  • Primary communication link to customer accounts, especially engineering & purchasing
VII. Authority:
  • To make recommendations relating to product design, product quality, service, and vendor selection.  Make recommendations and communicate regularly with Operations Manager and other company team members.
  • All employees have a quality and safety responsibility; therefore, having the authority to stop work processes to correct quality and/or safety problems, or quarantine items in the appropriate designated area until the issues are resolved.

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