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Mobile Developer

by KHouseman on May 20, 2014

Brightwing is currently looking to hire a Mobile developer to be responsible for application development and support including story elaboration, estimation, analysis, design, programming, unit/​integration testing and code debugging leveraging the Scrum framework and XP practices.​ This person will work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional, and Agile environment and will assume a lead role for various practices and decisions.​ This person will…
• Test-drive code
• Elaborate, estimate, and design for small increments of work…just-in-time
• Perform root cause analysis, technology evaluation, and design spikes
• Commit to completing well-defined work and deliver on those commitments
• Swarm around tasks along with other Scrum team members
• Pair program with different people in many situations
• Report status of assigned software development and/​or maintenance tasks
• Consistently follow the specified software development methodology
• Model courageous and continuous learning to the team.​ Actively help team members continuously learn
• Promote improvements in programming practices such as acceptance test driven development, continuous integration, and test automation
• Continuously learn and challenge the organization concerning new practices, processes, technologies, and languages
• Build a strong team using their collaboration skills.​ Interview and mentor team members.​
• Provide leadership and assistance among and across teams/​organizations
• Prospective candidates possess a high degree of business insight, creativity, decision making skills, a drive for results, the ability to negotiate, the ability to develop peer relationships, and a strong technical learning capability.​

• Experience developing Javascript following Object Oriented principles
• Experience with JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.​js, JavaScript MVC, jQuery, etc.​
• Experience with HTML5 leveraging newer constructs such as canvas, local storage, web workers, etc.​
• Experience with CSS3 leveraging best practices such as CSS pre-processor languages (E.​g.​ Less, Stylus, Sass, Compass).​ Experience with other CSS constructs such as grid systems and media queries.​
• Proven experience with object-oriented design and design patterns
• Strong understanding of HTTP/​REST/​API architectures.​
• Experience using source code control systems such as Git
• Knowledge of XML parsing, and/​or DOM traversal.​
• Knowledge of and desire to work in an Agile development environment
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
• Creative problem solving skills and ability to effectively communicate and translate feedback, needs and solutions
• Must have strong teamwork orientation and the ability to foster collaboration within and across teams
• Needs good work ethic and strong sense of ownership of end result


• Developing with Backbone.​js for mobile apps
• Strong CSS skills
• Experience working on teams following Agile principles, Scrum, and/​or Kanban
• Experience following Extreme Programming (XP) practices including Test Driven Development (TDD) and Pair Programming
• Experience writing test driven code
• Experience with Jira and the Greenhopper plug-in
• Experience with Advanced JavaScript (including prototype-based inheritance, event delegation, closures, AJAX, JSON)
• Experience with JavaScript testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha.​js, and Sinon
• Experience developing for mobile devices, especially mobile apps that consume cloud APIs

At Brightwing our goal is different.​ We help people and organizations of all types and sizes enhance performance levels in the workplace.​ From staffing and recruiting to training and development, we are all about creating workplace environments where employees thrive! We do this by listening, advising and delivering well thought out performance-based people solutions.​ We believe it takes a personal approach.​ It also takes knowledge and intuition that can only be gained through over 40 years of experience in asking the right questions.​ Headquartered in Troy, MI,

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