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by KHouseman on December 12, 2013
I wanted to talk with you about (3) openings that I currently have available for Program/Project Managers in the Rochester Hills/Troy area.  I have provided all (3) job descriptions for your review.  Please let me know if you’d be interested in any of these.  I can be reached at 616-828-7141.

The 1st position is located in Troy, MI –
1.            Position Title:  Program Manager
2.            Location:                Troy
3.            Department: Program Management
4.            Reports to:  Director of Program Management
5.            Purpose of Position – Why does this position exist?
To manage all activities related to New Product Development. To develop plans, based on Advanced Product Quality Planning principles, which ensure the successful launch of new business or other projects.  To incrementally improve the profitability of new and current business through improvements to manufacturing methods, efficiencies and other commercial opportunities.
6.            Statement of Major Responsibilities:
•             Act as the champion of all APQP activities for assigned programs.
•             Provide leadership and guidance to APQP team members as required.
•             Monitor assigned programs ensuring that action plans, timelines and customer requirements are met and/or exceeded.
•             Escalate all real and potential roadblocks to the appropriate management level in a timely manner.
•             Provide status reports in a timely manner as required by Management.
•             Participate in reviews regarding product concept and design, offering constructive input about manufacturing feasibility and viability as well as options to achieve best in class processes.
•             Ensure that all engineering documentation required by customers (internal and external), TS 16949 and gateway system is completed.
•             Work co-operatively within assigned customer team(s) to solve problems.
•             Participate in regular discussions with internal and external customers on relevant engineering topics.
•             Participate in customers meetings as necessary.
•             Generate and justify program budget for management approval.
•             Control and track the financial status of assigned programs.
•             Support Launch activities at the Manufacturing Plant, or Customer location as required.
•             Actively participate in Continuous Improvement and TS 16949.
•             Maintain positive employee relations and address issues in timely manner.  Seek advice/counsel from appropriate sources as required.
•             Any other reasonable request made by management.
•             Contributes to a safe, clean and comfortable work environment that complements the Occupational Health and Safety Act by ensuring the principles of the 5S discipline (simplify, separate, sanitize, standardize and support) are supported and adhered to.
•             Ensures he/she is in full compliance with the laws of the United States and/or any other province or state, while representing Van-Rob Inc. or during the use of any provided equipment.
7.  Safety Responsibilities
Work safely by following safe work practices, Company safety rules, and complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations (Particularly Section 28 of OHSA) , including:
•             Working in compliance with the Act and Regulations.
•             Using or wearing the equipment, protective devices or clothing Van-Rob requires to be used or worn.
•             Reporting to supervision the absence of, or defect in any equipment or protective device of which you are aware and which may endanger the health and safety of yourself or another worker.
•             Reporting to supervision any contravention of the Act or the Regulations or the existence of any hazards of which you are aware.
•             Not removing or making ineffective any protective device required by the Regulations or Van-Rob without providing an adequate temporary device.  When the need for removing or making ineffective the protective device has ceased, the protective device shall be replaced immediately.
•             Not using or operating any equipment, machine, device or thing or work in a manner that may endanger yourself, or another worker.
•             Not engaging in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running, or rough and boisterous conduct.
Mentoring, training, instruction and material are provided to help each worker comply with their safety responsibilities.
Program Manager
Skills – What skills are required to perform the work?
•             Use positive interpersonal skills to present, negotiate and build/maintain relationships
•             Ability to plan effectively and communicate in a manner consistent with the effective execution of the plan
•             Analyze and synthesizes information from a variety of sources to develop/recommend creative solutions or designs
•             Recognize and/or assess degrees of risk in plans and actions
•             Ability to deal with conflict
•             Ability to coach, lead and motivate team members
•             Possess excellent communications skills, both written and verbal
Knowledge – What knowledge of methods, procedures, equipment/technology are required?
•             College Diploma or University Degree in Mechanical Engineering
•             Practical knowledge based on 5+ years program management experience in the automotive industry
•             Firm understanding of Van Rob core manufacturing processes (stamping, welding, assembly)
•             Previous program launch experience a requirement
•             General knowledge of provincial legislation affecting the workplace, e.g. health and safety
•             Thorough understanding of TS 16949 and ISO14001 requirements
•             Familiar with software programs that deal with relevant engineering functions
•             Understanding of customer expectations for assigned product group(s)
Judgment – Exercises judgment re:
•             Reviews appropriateness of manufacturing processes
•             Scheduling of priority items within department
•             Compliance of engineering process with company policies and procedures
•             Compatibility of new product business with company operations
Accountability – Is accountable in areas of:
•             Administers and manages departmental budget
•             Maintains up to date documentation regarding TS 16949 and customer requirements
•             Accountable for ensuring departmental timelines are met or exceeded
•             Follows company policies, procedures, engineering standards and control methods
•             Compliance with provincial or state legislation while working on company business
Contacts – Establishes/maintains relationships:
•             APQP Team Members
•             Customers
•             Members of management within various areas of organization
•             Vendors/Suppliers
Dan Vanderson
Sr. Technical Recruiter
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fax: 800-360-5589

Please post this posting.
There are (2) listings both in Northern Suburbs.
Great opportunity.
I talked with Dan and he willing to help people who are lucking to help themself..
If you apply for the position mention that John Michalski forwarded you the information.

Good luck.

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