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Top 10 Conversation Tips

by KHouseman on April 29, 2013

April 25, 2013 – IdeaHub is a forward-thinking community where employees from across FAA are sharing and discussing ways to make FAA better.

Join the Conversation

Not sure where to start? No problem! Just log in, search for some ideas you’re interested in, and join the conversation. Comments are a great way to contribute; they’re used to evaluate and refine new ideas. Here are 10 quick tips to help you get the conversation rolling:

1. Listen first: Don’t rush to judgment. Give it a minute or two before responding. Get in the idea generator’s shoes

2. Be authentic: Share information that you’re comfortable with sharing. Don’t mislead or add to a rumor mill. Be sure what you say is true.

3. Be consistent: Keep a consistent tone. Build trust based on the information you are sharing.

4. Be gracious: Applauding others’ comments and thanking others is just good etiquette for any strong community on or offline. When citing a public website, sharing a web link, or other resource, etc., be sure to credit and thank the original source of your information.

5. Be open: State your interest in the matter if applicable. Don’t be afraid to share your personal experience with the idea being discussed. That way your response does not come across as “patronizing.”

6. Be responsible: Keep personal, sensitive, or not for release security information to yourself and do not disclose it in IdeaHub.

7. Be open-minded: Although criticism might not violate IdeaHub’s terms of use, it’s not good etiquette.

8. Be thoughtful: Ideas cannot be implemented and developed into actionable items if all angles are not examined. An idea with lots of “me too” or “I agree” comments will not muster enough evidence for its implementation. Keep the value-added comments flowing!

9. Be friendly: Attacking people and their ideas is a sure way to alienate others and eventually get isolated from the rest of the online community.

10. Be pro-active: If you know something is a myth, comment on why something is happening, or is not happening. You can provide links to support your comment if necessary.

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